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Jones, Owen

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 18/08/2015

Labour must not pitch young against old

In the UK general election in May the Labour Party won out against the victorious Tories only among people aged 18 to 24 years, an age group particularly hard hit by the crisis. The left must not make the mistake of stoking the generational conflict now, warns the centre-left daily The Guardian: "Attacking the conditions of pensioners would be yet another attack on the young. That's because all young people are future pensioners. ... Inspiring young people and addressing their problems; finally eliminating pensioner poverty; addressing social care; defending pensioners' benefits: these are not contradictory strategies but complementary ones. They will ensure that today's young people can reclaim a sense of optimism for the future, rather than one of foreboding. The mantra of generational conflict is poison - and if indulged by the left, it will help to destroy the left."

The Independent - United Kingdom | 08/01/2014

Hitzlsperger's coming out deserves applause

The former member of Germany's national football team Thomas Hitzlsperger became the first German professional footballer to speak openly about his homosexuality, in an interview with the German weekly Die Zeit on Wednesday. Columnist Owen Jones commends him in the left-liberal daily The Independent: "Should - in an ideal world - the footballer Thomas Hitzlsperger telling us that he falls in love with men rather than women be news? No, and when we live in a world where millions don't think being gay is wrong, where the word 'gay' isn't an insult, and where gay people are no longer spat at, beaten up or even killed, it won't be. Until then, any blow to the rapidly diminishing, but still all-too-power powerful edifice of homophobia needs to be applauded."

The Independent - United Kingdom | 01/01/2014

Eastern Europeans used as scapegoats

By cutting social benefits the British government hopes to prevent a supposed wave of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria. The left-liberal daily The Independent mocks all the negative hype: "Bulgarians have been found hiding in bread bins, behind radiators, inside teapots; Romanians are clogging up bath plugs, nibbling at chocolate bars left on kitchen tables, reading 'how to claim benefits' guides loudly in bathrooms. Back in the real world, the cynically stirred-up anti-immigration campaign has a long history. … The aim is always the same: let the elites off the hook, and blame foreigners for all the ills of society instead. Operation Deflect Blame, if you like. … Meanwhile, the truth is that Britain is itself the world's 10th biggest source of immigrants, and studies show that deficit-reducing immigrants actually contribute more than they take."

The Independent - United Kingdom | 30/07/2013

Our debt of gratitude to Bradley Manning

A US military court on Tuesday found the Wikileaks informant Bradley Manning guilty of almost all of the charges that had been brought against him. Even though he was not found guilty of aiding the enemy, he faces a prison sentence of over 100 years. The liberal daily The Independent writes that such informants need public protection: "The US government will hope that an example has been set; that future whistleblowers will be deterred from uncovering injustices committed in the name of the US people without their knowledge or consent. That is why it is so important to offer gratitude and support for the Mannings and Snowdens of this world, when they sacrifice so much in the interests of openness, transparency and freedom. Only that will inspire other whistleblowers who know that - while their liberty is imperilled - millions will be cheering them on. For us all to do our bit in a struggle for a more just world order: that would be the ultimate show of gratitude to Bradley Manning."

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