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Jelloun, Tahar Ben

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La Repubblica - Italy | 05/09/2015

Aylan's death leaves Assad cold, writes Tahar Ben Jelloun

The image of the dead Syrian refugee boy Aylan on a beach near Bodrum went around the globe last week and came as a shock to many. Syria's head of state Bashar al-Assad has the boy on his conscience, Moroccan autor Tahar Ben Jelloun writes in the centre-left daily La Repubblica: "The small body washed up on the beach calls to mind the Vietnamese girl who ran naked from the shelling. It calls to mind the silence of many and the powerlessness of the good souls. But above all it tells us that this is what the world is like: savagery is the order of the day. People are slaughtered and it's all caught on film. The Syrian people has been left in the lurch. Tomorrow other people will suffer the same fate. That is the fate of the world. We used to believe in solidarity, goodness, humanity. All that is over now. Following in the footsteps of many butchers before him, Bashar tells us calmly: 'It's me or chaos'. A chaos staged by his henchmen. And what's done is done. The photo of the little boy will haunt his nights. But, devoid of any humanity, he will do nothing and sleep soundly until not a single Syrian remains in Syria."

La Repubblica - Italy | 25/06/2015

Tahar Ben Jelloun on the West capitulating to IS barbarism

The West is facing its demise in the fight against the IS terrorists, the Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jelloun warns in the centre-left daily La Repubblica: "The world is paying the price for Obama's and Europe's overcautious policy. They should have intervened in Syria on the first day when Bashar al-Assad's soldiers shot at peaceful demonstrators. … But they let him stay. Rather a dictator like Assad than an Islamic regime, they declared again and again. Assad is still in office. But we are sinking into chaos, with or without Assad. ... Yet we should not forget that Assad and his friend and secret advisor Putin promoted the phenomenon of the IS extremists. The criminal jihadists are advancing inexorably and mocking the civilised world. Why don't we just officially declare that there are no great powers any more, no more laws or justice; that barbarism has won and we must submit to its reign of terror?"

La Repubblica - Italy | 29/08/2013

United Nations useless

The UN Security Council did not engage in official discussions on Wednesday over a resolution presented by the UK which would allow for military intervention in the Syria conflict. This testifies to its complete ineffectiveness, Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jelloun admonishes in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "The events in Syria show that the United Nations is useless. Incapable of putting its foot down. Unable to put a stop to the activities of a criminal who has proven he has a heart of iron and will never yield. The people of the world must know now that if a dictator decides to commit genocide tomorrow, it won't be the United Nations or the Nobel Peace Prize winners who rush to their aid. They will die, because the might is right principle rules the day. ... While the Americans and Europeans ask themselves whether it's right to intervene or not, Bashar al-Assad is wasting no time on ethical questions. He murders with any means available."

Le Monde - France | 21/09/2012

Blind zeal only blocks democracy

The fact that a low-budget film on the Prophet Mohammed has sparked a wave of violence in so many Muslim countries testifies to a striking democracy deficit, the Morrocan author Tahar Ben Jelloun writes in the left-liberal daily Le Monde: "There are dead and wounded, fires, cries of hatred, incomprehension. In short we are seeing a desire for revenge that comes as a surprise only to those who refuse to see that certain Muslim states, rather than embracing modernity and cultivatinig democracy, encourage this passion that so preoccupies the people that it causes them to forget the most important goal: establishing a state of law and justice that favours the emergence of the individual. Because recognising the individual means breaking with the clan and granting the right to liberty, freedom of conscience and critical reflection. Something the Islamic states cannot tolerate."

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