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Souléry, Jean-Claude

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La Dépêche du Midi - France | 23/03/2010

Sarkozy insists on his course

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has once more shuffled his cabinet following the defeat of the French governing party UMP in the regional elections. Among other things Labour Minister Xavier Darcos has had to go. But the reshuffle is no indication of a change in course, writes La Dépêche du Midi. "This is more like a dance around the room than a sweep of the broom. The ministerial reshuffle being fobbed off on us looks more like change for change's sake. ... The French must understand. Tomorrow will not bring a change of course and there will be not the slightest alteration to the policy of reforms. And why should there be anyway? That's not how things are done up there. Nicolas Sarkozy is not about to toss three years of reforms to the wind just because his majority has been beaten at the polls. ... Everything remains as it was, and we will stay firm on our course. So let's get a move on! Nothing at all happened on those two [election] Sundays in March."

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