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Jastrzębowski, Sławomir

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Super Express - Poland | 14/12/2015

Don't overrate demonstrations in Poland

Tens of thousands of supporters of Poland's ruling PiS party demonstrated in Warsaw on Sunday in response to an equally large march the day before by government opponents. So what else is new? asks the conservative tabloid Super Express: "The [former governing party] PO ruled with almost absolute power for five years. In that time various demonstrations were also held in protest against them. Now the reins of power are in the hands of the PiS, and marches are also being held against it. That's normal. And it's also normal that those who were doing fine not so long ago are now protesting at the loss of their power and position. ... But the Poles will watch very closely how the PiS governs, and whether it takes care of the people. And if it turns out that it doesn't, that it is unsuccessful, that it lies and only pursues its own interests, then the people will chase it out of power in four years' time. And all of that without any big demonstrations."

Super Express - Poland | 20/04/2015

FBI idiot spreads lies about Holocaust

In a guest commentary published on Thursday by the Washington Post, FBI Director James Comey described Poland and Hungary as complicit to the Holocaust. Sławomir Jastrzębowski, editor-in-chief of the conservative tabloid Super Express, is appalled and calls on the Polish government to take diplomatic action: "This idiot of a director compared the victims with the executioners, putting the Poles on a par with the Germans and turning us into perpetrators. I take the liberty of calling James Comey an idiot because there's no term that suits him better. ... In the meantime, we Poles should react resolutely to such lies. We must demand an official apology, and insist that such untruths should not be repeated by US officials in future. A strong reaction is called for, because the country that has cast this slur on us happens to be an alliance partner."

Super Express - Poland | 27/01/2015

End bank swindle in franc crisis

The Polish government is due to present proposals on Wednesday for helping people who are having problems servicing their mortgages after the uncapping of the Swiss franc against the euro. The conservative tabloid Super Express calls for the rigorous conversion of the loans from francs to zloty so that the banks are hard hit: "The banks tricked the Poles with the exchange rates. The scam was that borrowers always had to buy the francs [for their monthly mortgage repayments] from the bank - at a considerable higher rate. ... What's important now is that the government finally defends the interests of the cheated borrowers. It must make it possible to disburse these bad loans. The country as a whole would benefit. And the banks would foot the bill. ... We will learn tomorrow whether we have a government that represents our interests or only those of the banks."

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