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Jamet, Dominique

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Boulevard Voltaire - France | 18/08/2014

Dominique Jamet on Putin's harmless dreams of a Greater Russia

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is not a dictator and Europe has no reason to ostracise him, journalist and author Dominique Jamet writes in the conservative webmag Boulevard Voltaire: "Putin is not Hitler. Where are the concentration camps and the genocide? Putin is also not Stalin or Brezhnev. Where is the gulag, one-party rule, the satellites, the executions with a shot in the back of the head and the attempts to infiltrate and subvert the 'free world'? Putin dreams of a Greater Russian Empire and bringing Ukraine and Belarus into Russia's sphere of influence through an economic union, if possible with closer institutional ties. These are two old and new countries whose history and culture are closely intertwined with those of his own. That's no secret. But it does not imply that like Hitler or Stalin he's ready to do something irreversible, bring chaos to the world, and make all humanity pay the price for insane ambitions. Every day that passes demonstrates the exact opposite. If Europe wants to maintain its position on the world stage, it must do it with Russia, and not in opposition to it."

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