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Jámbor, András

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Kettős Mérce - Hungary | 21/01/2015

Hungary must not torpedo EU sanctions

Hungary's Foreign Affairs Minister Péter Szijjártó announced on Wednesday that Vladimir Putin would visit Budapest on February 17. András Jámbor hopes on the blog Kettős Mérce that Hungary won't veto a continuation of the EU's sanctions against Russia: "Szijjártó drew attention to the fact that the volume of Hungarian exports to Russia had dropped by 13 percent. In view of this statement it's reasonable to conclude that the Hungarian government really does plan to veto the sanctions. However this would have incalculable repercussions as a result of which Hungary stands to lose far more than 13 percent of its exports. With this move the country would put itself definitively in Putlin's sphere of interest. The major Western powers, by contrast, would view Hungary as belonging to an enemy zone. This would not only scare off foreign investors but also put companies already located in Hungary in a difficult position."

Kettős Mérce - Hungary | 26/10/2014

Orbán's Internet tax an insult to the young

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Budapest on Sunday against the plans of Victor Orbán's government to introduce an Internet tax. On the opinion portal Kettős Mérce blogger András Jámbor attributes this fierce reaction to the government's lack of understanding of how important the Internet is for the young generation: "The generation gap was best articulated by the Minister of the Prime Minister's Office János Lázár who said that he didn't use the Internet on a regular basis. However we, the under-30s generation, do. We live our social lives on Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat and other online communities. We organise our meetings here, chat with our friends and communicate here. ... When we want go out we go online to look for a bar. When we want to listen to music we go on Youtube, and when we want to switch off we simply download a film or a game."

Kettős Mérce - Hungary | 29/09/2014

Budapest's left betrays its values

The mayoral election campaign in Budapest took a surprising turn on Monday when the candidate of the united left-wing alliance, Ferenc Falus, withdrew, ceding his place to the chairman of the Movement for a Modern Hungary, former finance minister Lajos Bokros. The left is betraying its values, journalist András Jámbor writes in the opinion portal Kettős Mérce: "The left is making a mistake if it supports Bokros. ... For a leftist voter, someone for whom the fight against poverty and for equal opportunities has top priority, voting for Bokros is simply inconceivable. Especially in an election that's already decided [the conservative incumbent István Tarlós is the overwhelming favourite]. ... And at the same time it's completely incomprehensible that the left is abandoning its values in this way. ... A leftist who votes for Bokros is giving up his political convictions."

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