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Živčec, Denis

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Večer - Slovenia | 01/03/2011

Slovenia's poor chances of Grand Prix win

Maja Keuc will represent Slovenia with the ballad Vanilija in this year's Eurovision Song Contest which takes place in Düsseldorf in May. In contrast to previous years the reactions to her victory in the national finals have been for the most part positive, but the daily Večer warns that expectations should not be too high: "We should nonetheless be a little concerned by the behaviour of Slovenia's national TV channel at finally having a good song and an undisputedly talented singer. Nowadays it's not just the song and the singing that count at the Eurovision Song Contest. Lena's winning song Satellite was already playing on all European radio stations weeks ahead of the event. ... Given the fact that once again the national television channel has no plans for a professional video clip for the Slovenian song, the prospects of its winning as it starts out on the promotion tour are rather poor."

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