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Žišt, Franja

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Večer - Slovenia | 18/02/2014

Cronyism drives away Slovenia's talented people

"Information days" have been taking place in Slovenia recently, aimed at helping secondary school students decide how to continue their education or professional training. Unfortunately cronyism still plays a major role in the hunt for a job, the conservative daily Večerand points out, encouraging young Slovenians to chose their profession according to their own inclinations: "The fact that connections are still the most important factor in the job search here at home means that the talent and industriousness of young Slovenians is often only discovered once they go abroad. For that reason it's less important whether one chooses to study arts or sciences. The best decision is to study something you find enjoyable, because that's where you'll learn the most. The key thing is to develop competence in one area, because that will work to your advantage no matter where you end up."

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