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Širvinskas, Tadas

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Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 26/02/2013

Lithuania fights police bribery

In Lithuania 114 attempts to bribe police officers have been registered since the start of the year. Only 69 cases of attempted bribery came to light in the same period in 2012, and even fewer the year before. Something is finally being done to fight corruption among the police, the daily Vilniaus diena writes in satisfaction: "Over the last couple of years there has been a consistent attempt to hunt down both bribers and the bribed. For that reason people are increasingly wary of taking or offering bribes. Just a couple of years ago you stood a good chance of being made fun of by your friends if you didn't offer to bribe a traffic policeman who had caught you committing an infraction. Today you often hear the question 'Weren't you afraid to offer a bribe?' ... In the past it was like a sensation when you heard about a court case against a bribable police officer. But that's not the case today."

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