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Ioannidou, Eleanna, Greece

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Tvxs - Greece | 29/08/2013

Disarm both sides in Syria

If the international community really does intend to take action in Syria, the goal of the intervention must be to disarm both sides, demands journalist Eleanna Ioannidou on web portal Tvxs: "And this can't be achieved by bolstering one side against the other. The weapons in the hands of both opponents are not Syrian. They come from European countries as well as others. In recent days a convoy carrying weapons made its way across Turkey. These are weapons paid for by the Gulf states. It's not too late for the international community to close the doors which allow weapons into the country. ... I may sound like a hopeless romantic when I say that I long for a dynamic European movement aimed at the disarmament of both sides, like in the days of the Cold War. This movement seems to have collapsed with the Berlin Wall."

Tvxs - Greece | 20/05/2013

Samaras selling off Greece to China

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras ended a five-day visit to China on Sunday with the announcement that Greece should be the gate between China and Europe. The online portal TVXS fears that Samaras is just trying to sell off Greek state property: "After having destroyed Greece's productivity, we are now looking for buyers from China. But whose assets are the buyers to purchase? Apparently those of the state. So we organised a trip to sell our geopolitical position and our infrastructure. This is provided for in the purportedly unimportant agreements that were signed in passing during Samaras' visit. The fact that the prime minister and his government are portraying the sale of Greece's infrastructure as a triumph only illustrates the impasse in which he finds himself."

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