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Šimurková, Katarína

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Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 24/03/2010

Czech ex prime minister faces political demise

Mirek Topolánek, head of the liberal-conservative Civic Democratic Party (ODS) in the Czech Republic, has been able to foil an attempt by members of his own party to oust him from his position. Prior to the attempt, the ex prime minister had made disparaging remarks about gays, Jews, churchgoers and "average Czechs" in an interview. Topolánek only survived the coup because his political opponents are weak, the Slovak business paper Hospodárske noviny concludes: "They can't find a successor. Two months before the elections and facing plunging poll results it's difficult to say what is better for the ODS - to soldier on with its controversial leader or set its hopes on a new face. Topolánek is the only one who can prevent the rise of the Left in the Czech Republic. ... But he won't stay in politics forever. His end could come right after the elections."

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