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Šimůnek, Petr

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Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | 28/01/2010

Apple changes the world

Apple is breaking new ground with the iPad, writes the business paper Hospodářské Noviny: "A device that's just one centimetre thick and weighs only 700 grammes is getting as much media coverage as the talks in Davos, the catastrophe in Haiti and the war in Afghanistan. Why was everyone waiting with bated breath yesterday for showmaster Steve Jobs to reveal the new development with the Apple logo? Because this apple has proven that it can change the world. The iPod changed the world of listening to music, the iPhone changed the world of telephoning and the iPad can now very quickly change the way we read books and newspapers and look at photos. When Apple comes out with something like this it's got to be taken seriously. They're the best in the world at selling their good ideas. By the looks of it our world is in for another shake-up, and the days of Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press are numbered."

Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | 30/10/2009

What Klaus deserves to be thanked for and what not

Czech President Václav Klaus has been given what he asked Brussels for in exchange for ratifying the Lisbon Treaty. The charter of fundamental human rights which forms part of the Treaty may not be used as a legal basis for potential lawsuits against the Beneš decrees. Klaus thus hopes to forestall demands for the restitution of property made by expulsed Sudeten Germans. The business paper Hospodářské Noviny finds this humilliating: "He certainly doesn't deserve angry criticism for holding Europe to ransom. The Union should be grateful to him. Thanks to Klaus there is once more an open discussion about where Europe is headed. And this debate must continue. But what do we Czechs have to thank him for? To achieve his goal he has reawakened the weary ghost of the Sudeten Germans. … Thanks for the discussion about Lisbon, Mr President. But don't expect any thanks for the humiliating means used to achieve your goal."

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