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Šimić, Zlatko

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Jutarnji list - Croatia | 28/10/2015

Soon we won't be allowed to eat anything

The World Health Organisation has classified red and processed meat as carcinogenic. What next? the liberal daily Jutarnji list asks: "Yes, industrially produced sausages contain harmful additives and nitrates. Yes, if you eat a kilo of pork fat every week, triglycerides and cholesterol will harden your arteries. All these risks make the inhabitants of Slavonia [in eastern Croatia] very susceptible to cardiovascular disease. In the meantime, however, the same 'experts' have discovered that pork fat and lard are by no means as harmful as industrial cooking oil. ... Who knows, perhaps we'll soon hear how harmful it is to eat fish that feed on waste dumped in the sea. To say nothing of the pesticides in fruit and vegetables and the hormones in dairy products!"

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 25/02/2015

EU member Croatia loves cheap pork imports

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce on Monday published the import figures for the first ten months of 2014. The repercussions of EU membership on Croatian traditions and eating habits are horrendous, the liberal daily Jutarnji List writes in dismay: "The food chains are full of suckling pigs and half-pigs that are so cheap that they're even changing our national habits. One example: traditional slaughtering in the villages is almost a thing of the past. ... But truly shocking are the latest figures on imports of bread, buns, cakes and other baked goods, which according to the Chamber of Commerce amount to 115 million euros. In view of so many empty grain-producing regions and abandoned state-owned fields, one must seriously ask whether we're still able to produce anything edible ourselves."

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