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Šimečka, Michal

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Dennik N - Slovakia | 20/07/2015

German discipline kills romantic European ideal

While Greece is doing its homework Germany is seizing the opportunity to remodel Europe in its own likeness, the liberal daily Dennik N fears: "Everyone must believe that Angela Merkel, as the architect of a new order in Europe, knows what she's doing. She will no doubt do everything in her power to preserve the Eurozone. The first step is to push through budget rules and structural reforms, using brute force if necessary. The idea being that economic recovery will restore trust and pave the way to a mythical political union. … But is it possible to restore trust through enforced discipline? … Won't this course unite the Eurosceptics, nationalists and left-wing radicals in their revolutionary battle against the system? … In any case the future Europe will be a different Europe. The romantic dream of a never completed project is being replaced by a perfect set of rules."

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