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Šimac, Jurij

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Finance - Slovenia | 12/08/2011

Slovenia needs new elections

Following the resignation of Slovenian Interior Minister Katarina Kresal who faces allegations of corruption, Slovenia has plunged into a major governmental crisis. Political observers believe that the minority government of Prime Minister Borut Pahor will terminate its mandate prematurely. The business paper Finance calls for early parliamentary elections: "They are a necessary measure at a highly inconvenient time. Politicians must be aware that they have got us into this situation with their dithering. A situation in which we face the choice between a rock and a hard place. If early elections are held the politicians must realise that the situation is serious and it is important that the elections go smoothly and that progress is made quickly afterwards. The state urgently needs a functioning government - as soon as possible."

Finance - Slovenia | 18/03/2011

Nuclear power cheaper than green energy

Since the nuclear catastrophe in Japan environmentalists have been proclaiming the end of nuclear power and vaunting green energy sources. But sustainable energy alone is not yet the answer, writes the business paper Finance: "We want it all, without making any sacrifices. Everyone is for an intact environment in which enough energy is available and there are plenty of roads for fast, environmentally friendly cars. Granted, everything is not just black or white, but please let's stay sensible. Renewable energy sources still do not deliver sufficient energy to meet our needs. A further problem is that they are far more expensive. Do you know that one megawatt of renewable energy without state subsidies is around four times as expensive as the same amount of electricity from a nuclear power plant? So in future when you hear someone calling for nothing but renewable energy, you better check you purse first."

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