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Ihan, Alojz

writer, doctor of medicine

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Finance - Slovenia | 15/02/2013

Slovenia's politicians fear for their posts

In the midst of the Slovenian government crisis the opposition is unable to agree on either a transition government or early elections. This shows how many MPs are afraid of what will happen if people go to the polls, author Alojz Ihan writes in the business paper Finance: "The MPs are frightened of losing their new jobs, because it's clear that they won't be elected if new elections are held. It doesn't take a prophet to see that the citizens will vote for those who have not yet been in government or parliament and haven't held posts as mayors or similar offices. And if they want to survive, the traditional parties would also have to come up with some new faces as candidates. The old party top dogs would then by replaced a few weeks after the elections. ... This is why the MPs that walked onto the political stage just a year ago feel like they've been cheated."

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