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Šídlo, Jindřich

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1.  Sme - Slovakia | 22/10/2015

Czech useful idiots singing Putin's song

The Alexandrov Ensemble, known formally as the Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Russian Army, is currently touring the Czech Republic, and several ... » more

2.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 07/05/2014

Jindřich Šídlo on how he explains May 8 to his children

In many countries the end of World War II and the liberation from the Nazi dictatorship is commemorated today, May 8. Chief commentator Jindřich Šídlo ... » more

3.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 28/03/2013

Klaus spared nonsense trial

The Czech Constitutional Court on Wednesday rejected the high treason charges brought against ex-president Václav Klaus by 28 senators. They rest on Klaus's having granted ... » more

4.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 13/02/2013

Klaus can't come to terms with departure

Shortly before his term in office comes to an end Czech President Václav Klaus has once again attacked his predecessor Václav Havel, calling him a "extreme ... » more

5.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 13/11/2012

Klaus jeopardising Czech film industry

Czech President Václav Klaus wants to scrap the planned government funding for filmmakers in his country. His veto against a corresponding law can still be ... » more

6.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 25/09/2012

Still too early to celebrate in Czech Republic

The Czech police arrested two men on Monday suspected of playing a major role in the wave of methanol poisoning case that has claimed twenty-five ... » more

7.  Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | 14/08/2012

Czech Republic cheating its way to more motorways

The Czech Ministry of Transport plans to re-classify a number of dual carriageways as motorways. The measure would mean that the Czech motorway network would ... » more

8.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 30/04/2012

Jindřich Šídlo sees Czech Republic as stowaway in the EU

Eight years after the Czech Republic's accession to the EU on May 1, 2004, the euphoria over this momentous step has completely disappeared, Jindřich Šídlo, ... » more

9.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 22/02/2012

Czech judges humourless

The Czech performance artist Roman Týc must begin a prison sentence on Friday for refusing to pay a fine amounting to 2,400 euros. Several years ... » more

10.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 16/11/2011

Czechs end period of freedom pathos

The Czechs and Slovaks commemorate today the start of the Velvet revolution, which toppled the communist regime 22 years ago. Numerous protest demonstrations against the ... » more


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