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Hızlan, Doğan

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Hürriyet - Turkey | 04/09/2015

Vietnam War also stopped by a photo

The image of the body of the Syrian refugee boy Aylan on the beach near Bodrum in Turkey has gone around the world since Tuesday. It has the power to change our perception of the war, writes the conservative daily Hürriyet: "This photo should be blown up and hung in the offices of every politician in the world! Because it sears itself indelibly into the retina of anyone who's human. We see on the television and read in the papers 'Ten dead, among them four children'. The number of fatalities is listed day after day under the heading Refugee Drama. The fact that we have grown used to this suffering is the accursed consequence of such repetition. If it hadn't been for this photo, who could have explained the suffering caused by the war? ... If everyone condemns the war today, it shows once again the documentary power of a photo. Remember, it was also one image that did the most to end the Vietnam War."

Hürriyet - Turkey | 09/04/2014

More money for art in Anatolia

The Council of Europe awarded the European Museum Prize for 2014 to the Baksı Museum in north-eastern Turkey. The conservative daily Hürriyet is delighted but calls for more state help for small museums outside major centres: "This exemplary initiative has given the local inhabitants an artistic identity and has even been honoured abroad. ... Major private museums have opened in the big cities, above all in Istanbul. But if this initiative doesn't spread to Anatolia, one can hardly speak of a museum culture. The state must also support small museums in Anatolia. A creative potential must be created there for the artists and for the region."

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