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Hutin, Jeanne Emmanuelle

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Ouest France - France | 16/03/2014

Moscow breaks all its promises

Russia is running roughshod over Ukraine's right to self-determination, the regional paper Ouest France complains: "With the military invasion of Crimea, Russia is violating its own commitments to Ukraine. In 1994, Ukraine relinquished its nuclear weapons. In exchange, Russia, Britain and the US agreed to 'respect Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and existing borders'. However just the opposite is happening today. Russia is respecting neither the independence, nor the sovereignty, nor the borders of Ukraine. The protector has become the aggressor! This referendum has nothing to do with the people's right to self-determination."

Ouest France - France | 17/04/2013

Same-sex marriage debate needs more time

The second reading of the draft law on same-sex marriage begins in the French National Assembly on Monday. The government has limited the discussion to 25 hours. But the subject requires more time, the regional paper Ouest France believes: "The division of society regarding this issue is growing, encompassing all the social milieus, all parties, all religions, all families. ... We are calling for an authentic debate. Regardless of whether you're for or against, the power of democracy lies in allowing frank discussion and rejecting stereotypes. In this way, being against the draft law does not mean you're homophobic, or justify threats. No more than agreeing with it justifies being isolated or harassed. To create the conditions necessary for mutual understanding it would be wise to give the natter more time, as has been done with other projects."

Ouest France - France | 16/08/2011

World Youth Day fells wall of intolerance

The Catholic World Youth Day begins today in Madrid. The six-day meeting will be attended by more than a million participants from all over the world. The liberal daily Ouest-France explains why so many people come to the event: "Young people from all corners of the globe meet and talk with each other. They know that the belief and hope they share allow them to look with confidence to the future. Their friendship has the power to tear down both the visible walls of poverty, misery and persecution as well as the invisible ones formed by intolerance, fear and egotism. ... With World Youth Day the Church opens up a new path for the young generation, offering an occasion to take part in a form of globalisation based not just on material interests and power intrigues, but on mutual respect."

Ouest France - France | 24/01/2011

New bill on euthanasia premature

The social committee of the French Senate passed a bill last week that would legalise assisted suicide in France. The bill will be debated on Tuesday in the Senate's plenary session. The whole matter is being dealt with too hastily, writes the regional daily Ouest-France: "How can one be sure that the person really is making a free decision? What about applications filed more out of deep distress than as the result of a true choice? The pace at which this matter is progressing is also astonishing. The bill ... fails to take account of the fact that the Léonetti law on patients' right to end their life, passed five years ago, is poorly understood: 68 % of French people are unaware that it bans extreme therapeutic measures to keep patients alive, which are the principal cause of applications for euthanasia! ... Now a new bill is coming along even though the law it is meant to supercede is not yet being properly applied."

Ouest France - France | 16/11/2009

Latvian woman enters race for EU president

The former president of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, has entered the race for the job of president of the European Council. The daily Ouest France is pleasantly surprised, and examines the advantages of the Latvian candidate: "She is receiving more and more support from people like Simone Veil, who see in her a woman who embodies 'reconciliation among peoples'. Mrs Vike-Freiberga has personally experienced the tragic falling out of nations. Her family, chased from Latvia during World War II, travelled war-torn Europe before seeking refuge in Morocco and then in Canada. As a result she speaks at least 5 languages fluently, French without an accent! From immigrant to president, Mrs Vike-Freiberga has had an astounding career. ... Today she is a European politician of extraordinarily high calibre. With deep roots in European culture, she is familiar with the grand strategic challenges facing the world. ... Her candidacy deserves serious consideration."

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