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Hussain, Ghaffar

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 30/06/2014

Isil puts itself above other Islamists

With the declaration of a caliphate Isil has effectively designated itself as the leading jihadist group and denied all others the right to exist, anti-extremist activist Ghaffar Hussain writes in the left-liberal daily The Independent: "The significance of Isis being the first jihadist group to announce the establishment of a caliphate is deeply important: they have effectively declared themselves the winner in a global race between jihadist and Islamist groups. They have, in their own eyes, declared themselves the only game in town and ruled that other jihadist groups are now defunct. As such, all jihadists are now expected to pledge allegiance to al-Baghdadi, something that, if it happened, would make Isis the centre of gravity, the only jihadist group that matters."

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