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Hoang, Kim Son

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Der Standard - Austria | 18/02/2014

Now everyone knows about North Korea's crimes

UN experts have accused North Korea of committing crimes against its own people that resemble the Nazi atrocities. However they advise against sanctions, out of concern for the people of North Korea. Their report nonetheless provides a basis for concerted action, the left-liberal daily Der Standard contends: "Despite the lack of consequences for Pyongyang, the UN report remains invaluable. It is indeed - shake your heads now - the first official assessment of the countless crimes in North Korea. And the UN has overcome its customary diplomatic reticence and clearly voiced its criticism. After gathering evidence for almost a year, it makes concrete accusations and, more importantly, names concrete suspects, the most prominent of whom is Kim Jong-un. ... The UN experts draw a drastic comparison between the human rights violations in North Korea and the Nazis. With this report in our hands, commission inquiry chairman Michael Kirby points out, no one can claim: 'We didn't know.' Now everyone knows."

Der Standard - Austria | 18/09/2012

Show absurd anti-Islam film in full length

The right-wing populist alliance "Pro Deutschland" wants to screen the film The Innocence of Muslims. Produced in the US, this anti-Islam low-budget film has triggered several days of anti-Western protests in the Muslim world, prompting German Chancellor Angela Merkel to announce on Monday that she would look into banning it in Germany. But that would be the wrong approach, the left-liberal daily Der Standard writes: "Because the rioters and the movement behind them are not concerned with concrete provocations but with venting their discontent, no matter where it comes from, on a handy scapegoat. … Banning the film would not just contradict existing laws and curb fundamental rights, it would be giving in to a mob that is immune to rational arguments. Much better would be to show The Innocence of Muslims in its full length to enable people to understand the full absurdity of the reactions the film has provoked. Because the 14 minutes shown so far are so ridiculous in style that the entire film can only be an insult to any kind of intellect."

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