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Heumann, Pierre

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1.  Handelsblatt - Germany | 13/01/2016

Now is the time for Steinmeier to visit Riyadh

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier of the Social Democratic Party on Tuesday defended the plans for his trip to Saudi Arabia in February against criticism ... » more

2.  Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | 04/03/2015

Lasting damage to Israeli-US relations

With his speech to the US Congress Israel's Prime Minister has done lasting damage to US-Israeli relations, the right-wing conservative Basler Zeitung comments: "Netanyahu travelled ... » more

3.  Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | 06/08/2014

A new Middle East backs Israel

The war in Gaza has shown that Israel has new supporters in the Middle East, the conservative daily Basler Zeitung comments, seeing this as a ... » more

4.  Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | 16/07/2014

Isis fanning Hamas aggression

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced an expansion of the attacks on the Gaza Strip for Wednesday. The conflict is not just a local one ... » more

5.  Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | 01/07/2014

Caliphate madness could spread to Europe

Self-proclaimed caliph and Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will create a totalitarian state in Iraq, the right-wing conservative Basler Zeitung predicts, and warns of the ... » more

6.  Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | 18/09/2012

Euro rescue endangers Switzerland

The Swiss National bank announced on Thursday that it would stick to the minimum exchange rate of 1.20 Swiss francs per euro introduced in September ... » more

7.  Weltwoche - Switzerland | 10/02/2010

Pierre Heumann on the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries

In the weekly Die Weltwoche Pierre Heumann criticises the Catholic Church for passively accepting persecution of Christian minorities in Muslim countries: "Widespead discrimination and persecution ... » more


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