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Hess, Remo

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Aargauer Zeitung - Switzerland | 27/10/2015

Not a big hit

With its 17-point plan the EU has missed an opportunity to overcome the refugee crisis, the liberal Aargauer Zeitung criticises: "Shelters for around 100,000 people are to be erected at various locations between Greece and Germany. Countries that can't do this on their own will have recourse to the European Civil Protection Mechanism. Croatia did just that on Monday. And so it is patently clear what the refugee crisis has now become: a disaster. First and foremost for those directly affected. But also for the EU as a political union. It is significant that the unassuming quintessence of the statement is that countries affected should 'not only talk about and at each other but also with each other'. For the time being no one dares to so much as think about major steps like introducing fixed quotas or seeking a solution to the problem on location in Syria. Instead the politicians are hoping that winter will give them a reprieve and deter the refugees from attempting the journey to Northern Europe."

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