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Hermann, Viktor

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Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 17/12/2014

Islam fails in fight against Taliban

Radical Islamist Taliban attacked a school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday. More than 140 people died in the massacre. Moderate Islam leaders bear the responsibility for protecting their religious community from radicals, the conservative daily Salzburger Nachrichten comments: "Those who have the power to stop the crazed radicals in the Muslim world don't care about this problem. When, we ask ourselves, will the self-appointed guardians of the holy Islamic sites in Saudi Arabia finally start to protect their religious community from the crazed fanatics who are doing greater harm to Islam than any Christian crusade could ever do? When will the secret financiers from the Gulf states finally come to their senses?"

Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 11/04/2011

Lacking solidarity

The German state of Bavaria wants to prevent refugees from Tunisia from entering the country via the German-Austrian border, if necessary by ramping up control measures. The Christian-liberal daily Salzburger Nachrichten criticises the lacking solidarity among the EU member states when it comes to refugees: "As soon as refuges start spilling across Europe's borders in large numbers the EU countries stop being nice to each other. ... The dreadful situation shows that Europe has gone astray when it comes to refugee and immigration policy. The responsibility for asylum-seekers and refugees lies solely with those who patrol Europe's borders. And if the Italians, Greeks or Spanish are unable to cope with the situation, instead of stepping in to help the other countries start cutting themselves off as Bavaria and other central Europeans are doing now. The pressure from the refugees won't lessen. Here too, Europe will have to find a united approach to the problem instead of trying to pass it on to others."

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