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Hecht, Patricia

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 24/04/2015

Smugglers aren't the real enemy

Military operations against smugglers won't stem the flow of people trying to cross the Mediterranean, the left-leaning daily taz writes: "Smugglers obey the law of demand and supply. The demand for crossings to Europe is great - and because the EU is increasingly limiting the possibilities to do this the smugglers' black market is thriving. ... People will keep on fleeing as long as that's their only chance for a future. Humanitarian visas that open up legal channels to the EU would take away the smuggler's business base so that their market shrinks. That would be a more sensible investment than putting the resources into Frontex. The EU is ostensibly interested in stopping the smugglers, but its real enemy remains the refugees. To talk of rescue in this context is cynical: the refugees aren't dying because of the smugglers but because of the EU's increasingly militarised isolationist policy."

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