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Hayes, Brian

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The Irish Independent - Ireland | 09/11/2015

Cameron's EU reforms already partial reality

British Prime Minister David Cameron will present a proposal to EU Council President Donald Tusk today in which he stipulates various reforms as conditions for Britain staying in the EU. An agreement should be possible, the conservative daily The Irish Independent comments: "The solution may be for Britain and the EU to accept the reality of what is already happening. The EU is already experiencing differing levels of integration. A two-speed Europe already exists. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other creditor countries badly need Britain to remain inside the tent. She will lead the compromises that have to be found. ... Certainly, David Cameron wants to do a deal with his European partners and to win the referendum. Defeat in the referendum is likely to lead to his resignation."

The Irish Independent - Ireland | 03/06/2015

Tsipras must make concessions

The Greek government cannot expect many concessions from the EU partners and should be more willing to accommodate their demands, the conservative EU-parlamentarian Brian Hayes urges in the conservative daily Irish Independent: "It should be in everyone's interest that Greece stays in the eurozone. We want to see them get through this crisis and there is clear support from European partners. But there will not be a deal at any cost to the European taxpayers. The creditor countries have limited room to make concessions. We should not forget that any new programme will have to go before national parliaments. ... Mr Tsipras and his government should start to realise that referring back to Syriza's electoral promises is no longer an option in these negotiations."

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