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Hawranek, Dietmar

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Der Spiegel - Germany | 07/11/2015

Giant VW should be broken up

The emissions irregularities at VW that most recently came to light were exposed by an employee who had made an admission about the manipulations to the company's management, the company announced on Sunday. According to news reports the manipulations were the result of unrealistic targets on the part of the former chairman of the board Martin Winterkorn. The company should be broken up, the liberal news magazine Der Spiegel demands: "A boss can't keep an eye on 119 plants in 31 countries, or on the 12 different brands that come together rather randomly under one roof. ... The large-scale emissions fraud at VW was possible only because this company can neither be managed nor controlled. As a result there is only one solution: VW should be broken up. You could call this 'creative destruction', to use economist Joseph Schumpeter's term. That sounds less drastic. The new start must include a policy of no tolerance regarding fraud, and that must also apply to new personnel. The old chief financial officer cannot become the new chairman of the supervisory board [as was decided in October]."

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