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Hawari, Yara

Yara is a British Palestinian PhD candidate at the University of Exeter and a Research Fellow at the Kenyon Institute in East Jerusalem where she lives and works. She holds a MA in Palestine Studies, and a BA in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. As well as working on independent academic research projects, Yara is conducting fieldwork for her PhD, which focuses on the Palestinian citizens of Israel and oral history

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 17/03/2015

Beacon of democracy in Middle East? Think again

Israel discriminates and oppresses a large part of its non-Jewish population and can hardly be held up as a role model for democracy in the region, the left-liberal daily The Independent criticises: "A state that exerts its control over a people by means of a decades-old illegal occupation is not a democracy. And neither is a state that declares itself only for Jews and ignores the rights of the indigenous non-Jewish people. Israel doesn't belong to all its citizens and those under its control. It is an ethnocratic, settler colonial state that flouts international law on a daily basis by oppressing the Palestinians in varying states of occupation. And it does so with European and American complicity. The shining beacon of democracy in the Middle East? Far from it."

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