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Hasselbach, Christoph

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Deutsche Welle - Germany | 29/10/2014

Europe's responsibilities start in crisis areas

While Britain's unwillingness to participate in future rescue operations in the Mediterranean is fully understandable Europe must not shirk its responsibilities, the news portal of the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle writes: "Europe's willingness to take in refugees has its limits. To hear some politicians, clergy or aid workers talk, you'd think they wanted to send cruise ships over the Mediterranean and pack everyone and anyone who wants to come over on board - no matter why or where they're from. ... Nevertheless Europe will have to take in more refugee contingents directly from crisis areas if it doesn't want to betray its own values. ... The basic problem is that all the EU does is react: it rarely makes provisions on its own. Often it only shows interest in a region when conflicts flare up there and refugees threaten to flood in. But by then it's mostly too late to stabilise the situation. We mustn't forget, however, that the EU wields enormous power, and it must use it in such cases."

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