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Hamann, Didier

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Le Soir - Belgium | 20/09/2012

Charlie Hebdo pours oil on the flames

With its appeals to the freedom of opinion the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo is fanning the embers of conflict, the left-liberal daily Le Soir writes: "Not publishing the cartoons would in no way have called into question our principles of freedom. Charlie Hebdo is only decorating itself with supposed virtues. However with its decision the satirical weekly is not advancing the freedom of opinion, but only using it to pour oil on the fire. The damage has been done. How to appeal to reason? How can further fatalities be avoided? How to explain to Muslims that true democrats have as little interest in offending them with insulting cartoons or a stupid film as the large majority of Muslims has in denying us the right to express our opinions or publish caricatures? No more than the large majority of Muslims seeks to deny us the right to freely express our opinions or to publish caricatures. .. All efforts are in vain. There are firebrands on both sides who turn a deaf ear to any words of reconciliation."

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