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Halvadjian, Magardich

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Trud - Bulgaria | 24/08/2013

Magardich Halvadjian has lost all hope for Bulgaria

Thousands of Bulgarians have been demonstrating for weeks against the government and corruption. In an interview with the daily Trud, Bulgarian director and TV producer Magardich Halvadjian says he sees no hope of the political and economic situation improving in Bulgaria: "We go round and round in circles while the economy grows ever weaker, and with it our last chance of one day becoming a normal European country. There's no conspiracy theory behind this. We only have ourselves to blame. How else to explain the fact that 24 years after the end of communism we are still treading water? We had so many hopes, we fought so hard for a better life. But a handful of politicians who have been at the helm for a quarter of a century are constantly ruining everything. Bulgaria is controlled by a bunch of greedy and corrupt people whose only purpose (with a few exceptions) is to steal. And at the lower levels of the hierarchy incredible ineptitude and incompetence rule the day. It's dark in the tunnel. Even I, a great optimist, have lost all hope for Bulgaria."

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