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Hämmerle, Walter

Wiener Zeitung

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1.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 18/12/2015

Exodus to Europe: Turn off money tap to Eastern Europe

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann has threatened to cut EU funding to member states that refuse to take in refugees. A praiseworthy initiative, writes the liberal ... » more

2.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 31/10/2014

Anti-Obama takes charge of EU Commission

The new European Commission under Jean Claude Juncker officially starts its work on Saturday. The Luxembourgian Juncker may not be such a charismatic politician but ... » more

3.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 18/07/2014

High death toll down to lack of resolve

There's no such thing as controlled warfare, the state-run liberal Wiener Zeitung concludes, commenting on the plane crash: "The plane tragedy in eastern Ukraine in ... » more

4.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 27/06/2014

Take British concerns seriously

The British concerns about Juncker as Commission president have been brushed aside too quickly, the state-run liberal daily Wiener Zeitung comments: "Particularly since it's not ... » more

5.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 24/04/2014

Ukraine crisis becoming media routine

In view of the increasingly similar news stories from eastern Ukraine and on the mutual threats on the part of the West and Russia, the state-run ... » more

6.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 22/11/2013

Russia a global player once more

Ukraine's succumbing to pressure from Russia is above all due to Russia's increasing clout on the global stage, the state-run daily Wiener Zeitung contends: "If ... » more

7.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 27/09/2013

"Felix Austria" votes for consensus

Austria elects a new parliament on Sunday. The SPÖ and ÖVP parties, currently ruling the country in a grand coalition, are trying to score points ... » more

8.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 27/08/2013

Obama follows in Bush's footsteps

US President Obama is involuntarily becoming the direct successor of George W. Bush, the state-run liberal daily Wiener Zeitung writes: "Obama ran for office on ... » more

9.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 28/05/2013

EU out of its depth in Syria

It's unrealistic to demand a joint EU position on weapons deliveries to the Syrian rebels, the state-run liberal daily Wiener Zeitung contends: "National policies that ... » more

10.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 16/05/2013

Cloning demands a healthy scepticism

For the first time ever, scientists in the US have successfully cloned human stem cells to create genetically identical embryos. The medical applications must be ... » more


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