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Haegens, Koen

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De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 27/02/2013

The Netherlands another sick man of Europe

The Netherlands is experiencing a deep recession, with rising unemployment and companies going bankrupt. But a change in the country's economic policy is unlikely for the time being, the left-leaning weekly De Groene Amsterdammer observes: "In the 1980s the Netherlands was able to export its way out of the crisis. Now, in 2013, it is still competitive, as the export figures show. But salary cuts and cutbacks in social benefits are lowering domestic consumption. ... The Dutch economy is managed by officials and politicians with little imagination who have grown up relying on the same ideological prescriptions: modest salaries, less state intervention and flexibility. Whether this approach was successful in the 1980s is debatable. But in 2013 the consequences are catastrophic. A mixture of intellectual laziness and ideological prejudice is preventing this from being acknowledged. Therefore it will be a long time before the political herd changes its direction. Until it does, the Netherlands will remain the sick man of Europe. Or to be more precise, the sick man of Europe who was made sick."

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