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Guran, Moise

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Blog Biziday - Romania | 03/03/2015

Online ads for religion classes legitimate

According to a ruling by the Romanian Constitutional Court, if they want their child to attend classes in religion Romanian parents will have to expressly state that wish as of the month of March. The Romanian Orthodox Church is now using a controversial video campaign on Facebook to encourage parents to do just that. Journalist Moise Guran praises the initiative on his blog Biziday: "The campaign is perfectly normal, and as justified as it is respectable. ... The Church has a message, and believes that it is now no longer enough just to preach it at Sunday mass. It also has the right to express it via Facebook, on the Internet, on the radio or on television. I fail to understand why people find that objectionable. This is about democracy. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion, and at the end of the day it's the parents - possibly together with their children - who decide whether religious education classes will be attended or not."

Blog Biziday - Romania | 15/11/2013

Romania's growth does not bring prosperity

Romania's economy has grown by 2.7 percent since the start of the year, the country's National Institute of Statistics announced on Thursday. A substantial achievement, business journalist Moise Guran comments on his blog Biziday, but he doubts that the wealth will trickle down to the man on the street: "Most of the growth was down to two players, namely Dacia and Ford. The Romanian car factories did very well this year, which accounts for the growth. Unfortunately the automotive industry is highly export-oriented. So it raises the GDP - all the more so as the low domestic consumption keeps imports to a minimum. As a result not so much money enters the state coffers as would do if our products were mostly sold in Romania. It's also a shame that not too many Romanians will profit from this growth since it's limited to just a few sectors."

Blog Biziday - Romania | 28/08/2013

Pipeline of little use for Moldova and Romania

The Republic of Moldova is to be connected to Romania by a gas pipeline by the end of 2014. The pipeline, whose construction began on Tuesday in the Moldovan town of Ungheni, is meant to put an end to Moldovan dependence on Russian gas imports. The economist Moise Guran nevertheless takes a critical view of the project in his blog Biziday: "A large part of the pipeline will be paid for by Romania, because 70 percent of it will lie in our territory. For Moldova it is of strategic value, but we shouldn't get carried away here. Don't think that after the 17 months of construction work Moldova will arrogantly give Gazprom the cold shoulder and start piping cheap gas supplied by its Romanian brothers. Romania itself imports gas from Gazprom, and as we know friendship ends when money comes into play. The gas from Romania will be more expensive for Moldova than that delivered by Gazprom. ... And in any event we can only deliver a limited amount of gas to Moldova in the next five years because we don't have enough of it ourselves - and because no one wants to annoy the Russians."

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