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Grignard, Marcel

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Les Echos - France | 05/10/2015

VW scandal: People must have a say in company policy

VW's diesel engine fraud shows that co-determination rights must be extended in Europe's companies, writes Marcel Grignard, head of the think tank Confrontations Europe, in the liberal business paper Les Echos: "As an organised structure, the company is vital for the economy and a key component of civil society - provided that it lets its employees and its management play the role they should. Nevertheless, it is imperative that a management model be developed which also gives external players a say: customers, suppliers, government authorities and environmental organisations. ... Such a step will only strengthen a company and protect it from the mistakes that affect far more companies than just Volkswagen. Only in this way can European companies fully contribute to both the economy and social life. What a paradox to see a company that is a symbol of Europe's social market economy unmasked by the US, a country with a much wilder form of capitalism."

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