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Grgič, Maja

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Delo - Slovenia | 30/10/2012

Slovenian government gambles away trust

Hundreds of people took part in protests in the Slovenian city of Maribor on Monday, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Janez Janša's government. The unions have called for a major demonstration in the capital Ljubljana on November 17. For the left-liberal daily Delo the government has gambled away the people's trust: "These protests are above all a rebellion against the government, which is losing the people's trust. ... Its opponents have now grown to the size of an army. ... There is no doubt that reforms must be carried out, and that they should aim at the right targets. But the precondition for their implementation is a broad political consensus and trust in the government. Unfortunately the government is achieving exactly the opposite because it clings to solutions that are tailored to certain interest groups - like the make-up of the management board of the state holding company."

Delo - Slovenia | 19/07/2012

Holding company stirs up Slovenian opposition

In Slovenia the left-wing opposition party Positive Slovenia is considering a referendum against government plans for establishing a state holding company in which the country's assets, amounting to eleven billion euros, would be accrued. At last the opposition is showing signs of life, writes the left-liberal daily Delo: "Although the government has been making important decisions in an arrogant and hurried manner for months, it seems that only the transfer of Slovenia's entire assets to a holding company has managed to rouse the opposition. The planned holding company would give the current government the control over state companies and enable it to divvy up the billions in booty. All the political structures so far have fought to have this power and the current opposition no doubt doesn't want to miss this opportunity. But not just the opposition is urging the government to hit the brakes. The subject of the holding company has now reunited the trade unions and the employees, who are also critical of the government's rushed decisions and are warning of the consequences."

Delo - Slovenia | 22/09/2009

Fears of social unrest

The largest Slovenian textile company Mura is threatened with bankruptcy. Frightened at the prospect of losing their jobs, the company's employees went on a spontaneous strike at the beginning of the week. The daily Delo registers surprise, "because just a week ago the government and investors came up with a rescue plan for the healthy part of the business that will save thousands of jobs. On the other hand after months of uncertainty, low wages and job cutbacks the workers' emotions could easily get out of control. ... The events at Mura and the strike at household appliance manufacturer Gorenje a few days ago should also give [Slovenian] Prime Minister Borut Pahor cause for concern. ... Similar feelings of dissatisfaction are also rife in other companies, which is why warnings of social unrest are no longer entirely unfounded. A major factor here is that the unions have lost in power in the eyes of the workers. If they become completely powerless the street could become the real locus of events, which promises more bad than good."

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