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Greive, Martin

Die Welt

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Die Welt - Germany | 14/08/2009

Will the upturn last?

The conservative daily Die Welt praises Germany's successful export model but remains sceptical about the country's future economic development: "The key question now is whether the upturn will last. And that's where things look very doubtful. In particular as regards the labour market the test of endurance has only just begun: While the number of job seekers in other countries has risen sharply and these economies have already for the main part 'digested' the job losses so to speak, in Germany a climb in unemployment was largely avoided thanks to short-time work. … It's also unclear what will happen after the general elections when the new government has to tighten its belt. Almost all economists agree that in order to plug the gap in the budget citizens will have to pay increased social insurance contributions and in the medium term higher taxes too. And they have repeatedly warned us not to forget how much the financial markets continue to suffer even now."

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