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Greiner, Dominique

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1.  La Croix - France | 12/08/2015

Devaluation to make yuan a global currency

The monetary policy of the People's Republic of China seeks to do more than merely stimulate the economy, the Catholic daily La Croix surmises: "Does ... » more

2.  La Croix - France | 05/03/2015

Paris must not give up in view of job misery

The unemployment rate in France exceeded ten percent in the fourth quarter of 2014, the statistical office Insee revealed on Thursday. Despite these disappointing figures ... » more

3.  La Croix - France | 25/02/2015

Hollande must reconcile Jews and Muslims

The heads of France's Jewish association CRIF and the French Council of Muslim Faith set aside their differences at a joint reception on Tuesday in ... » more

4.  La Croix - France | 15/12/2014

Uber raises doubts about high taxi fares

The French government reaffirmed on Monday that online rideshare services like Uber will be banned in France once the new passenger transport legislation comes into ... » more

5.  La Croix - France | 25/11/2014

Human dignity must be central once more

Pope Francis appealed to Europe's historic responsibility in his speech on Tuesday. Europe can draw much strength from its rich history, the Catholic daily La ... » more

6.  La Croix - France | 08/08/2014

Iraq must close ranks against Islamists

US President Barack Obama on Thursday night authorized targeted air strikes against the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) in Iraq. But above all the Iraqi ... » more

7.  La Croix - France | 04/08/2014

Danger of a domino effect

The rescue package for the Banco Espírito Santo has done nothing but shift the risk, the Catholic daily La Croix warns: "Events in Portugal show ... » more

8.  La Croix - France | 25/07/2014

France not experiencing a Kristallnacht

Panic mongering about a new wave of anti-Semitism should be avoided in discussion of the riots that accompanied pro-Palestinian demonstrations on the weekend in Paris ... » more

9.  La Croix - France | 17/09/2013

Cuts to cure France's healthcare system

France's public health insurance system will have a deficit of roughly 14 billion euros this year, the French Court of Auditors announced on Tuesday. The Catholic ... » more

10.  La Croix - France | 19/04/2011

Stupid violence against crucifix in urine

A controversial work of art by photo artist Andres Serrano showing a crucifix submerged in urine has been vandalised by unknown persons at an exhibition ... » more


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