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Goutzanis, Spyros

Proto Thema, Greece

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Proto Thema - Greece | 03/07/2015

Angela Merkel coordinating a putsch

The European Commission and European politicians have warned the Greeks in recent days not to vote against austerity in Sunday's referendum. This provokes harsh criticism from the liberal anti-government weekly Proto Thema: "What we are now seeing is a post-modern putsch coordinated by Berlin and aimed at toppling the left-leaning government. [German Chancellor] Merkel said yesterday that the current differences of opinion were of a political nature and not about money, 400 million euros, or any other sum. It was for this reason that [german finance minister] Schäuble rejected the Greek government's last proposal for compromise. It's clear that what Berlin wants is not an agreement but the fall of the government and the unconditional surrender of the country. If this government can be accused of one thing it's that it has allowed itself to be dragged into a war that it wanted to avoid."

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