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Gonevski, Pavel

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Trud - Bulgaria | 21/12/2013

Bulgarians must earn the Britons' respect

The British government's measures aimed at hindering a wave of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants starting in 2014 are justified, the daily Trud writes. Instead of complaining about discrimination, the Bulgarians must first show that they are coming with honest intentions: "Recently many Bulgarians have felt they have been treated unfairly and complained at the alleged xenophobia of the British with regard to Bulgarian migrants. Prompted by politicians and the media, they imagine they're the victims of discrimination. ... But instead of feeling sorry for themselves, and regardless of their numbers, they should show the British that they deserve their respect. They must demonstrate their professional abilities and their will to improve themselves, as well as their willingness to abide by the law. And finally, they must have nothing to do with the fraudsters and freeloaders whom we have to thank for the fact that the British have such a low opinion of us in the first place."

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