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Göweil, Reinhard

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1.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 23/12/2015

Criticism of Germany justified

Renzi's comment that Berlin's dominant policies are responsible for the crises among its European neighbour states hits the nail on the head, the liberal daily ... » more

2.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 18/08/2015

German export surplus endangers Europe

In the first half of 2015 the European countries generated an export surplus of 115 billion euros - more than three-quarters of that in Germany, ... » more

3.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 14/07/2015

A deal with an unpleasant aftertaste

The agreement between Athens and its sponsors is on the whole a good thing but the way Germany imposed its will was wrong, the liberal ... » more

4.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 26/01/2015

An end to austerity in Europe

Alexis Tsipras's election victory in Greece spells the end of the austerity policy, the state-owned liberal daily Wiener Zeitung believes: "This is a turning point ... » more

5.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 13/11/2014

Let the fox guard the hens

The state-owned Wiener Zeitung sees Juncker, with his insider knowledge of Luxembourg's tax break model, as the right man for the job of clearing up ... » more

6.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 06/11/2014

EU must stand up to conservative US

The Republicans' victory in the US midterm elections means they effectively co-govern the country, the state-run daily Wiener Zeitung comments, and appeals to Europe to ... » more

7.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 19/11/2013

IOC and Fifa the gravediggers of sport

The Olympic Winter Games in the Russian city of Sochi in 2014 and the Fifa World Cup in 2022 in the Gulf Emirate of Qatar ... » more

8.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 24/10/2013

Europe must finally become a social union

At the EU summit taking place today, Thursday, the main topic on the agenda of the heads of state and government is plans for a ... » more

9.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 09/07/2013

EU must take Pope's criticism seriously

On his first official trip Pope Francis visited the Italian island of Lampedusa. In view of the refugee tragedies that play out there he called ... » more

10.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 22/05/2013

EU tax policy halfhearted

Austria and Luxembourg have prevented a quick solution on the automatic exchange of bank data from being reached at the EU Summit. And while corporate ... » more


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