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Girnius, Kęstutis

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1.  Delfi - Lithuania | 14/01/2016

Lithuania faces a dilemma

There is no single correct response to the developments in Poland, political scientist Kęstutis Girnius writes on web portal Delfi: "In the eyes of some ... » more

2.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 26/08/2013

Lithuanian envoys should hold their tongues

Telephone calls by Lithuania's ambassadors to Hungary and Azerbaijan that were tapped and published on Youtube have sparked a scandal at home. The diplomats make ... » more

3.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 06/08/2012

Fears about the end of the Baltic states

During an appearance on a Latvian TV programme Latvia's president Andris Bērziņš on Tuesday expressed doubts about whether the three Baltic states would survive unless ... » more

4.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 25/06/2012

Kęstutis Girnius on the EU's democracy deficit

The citizens of the Union are not consulted on the most important questions of EU policy, political scientist Kęstutis Girnius laments in the conservative daily ... » more

5.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 14/11/2011

Lithuania should stick to euro introduction

Lithuania wants to introduce the euro in 2014. The conservative daily Lietuvos Zinios weighs the consequences of such a move in view of the debate ... » more

6.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 06/04/2010

Freedom of expression also applies for gays

In Lithuania, the plans of gay organisations to stage a Christopher Street Day (CSD) at the beginning of May in Vilnius are meeting with broad ... » more

7.  Delfi - Lithuania | 23/09/2009

Kęstutis Girnius on the terms "Soviet era" vs "occupation" in Lithuania

Kęstutis Girniu looks in the news portal Delfi into the question of how to name the era of Soviet rule in Lithuania from 1944 to ... » more

8.  Delfi - Lithuania | 24/07/2009

Kestutis Girmius on German solidarity

Lithuanian politicians have recently repeatedly criticised what they see as a lack of solidarity by the major states of the EU, above all Germany, with ... » more


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