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Giret, Vincent

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1.  Libération - France | 30/01/2013

Politics must take over now

The quick success attained by the French troops in Mali cannot hide the fact that the country and the entire region stand in need of ... » more

2.  Libération - France | 12/12/2012

EU may no longer ignore the people

The EU summit which kicks off today will deal among other items with further steps for raising competitiveness in Europe. But the heads of state ... » more

3.  Libération - France | 02/11/2012

Fight Netanyahu's radicalisation

French President François Hollande and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commemorated on Thursday in Tolouse the attack in March in which a radical islamist killed ... » more

4.  Libération - France | 07/09/2012

Euro rescue becomes reality

The rescue of the euro can finally get underway, the left-liberal daily Libération writes jubliantly in the wake of the ECB's decision: "For four years ... » more

5.  Libération - France | 30/05/2012

Hollande's pay cuts the right answer

After cutting its own salaries by 30 percent, the new French government under François Hollande has announced that managerial salaries in the public sector may ... » more

6.  Libération - France | 20/01/2012

French lingerie bottoms out

The French lingerie label Lejaby will close its last manufacturing location in France, the company announced on Wednesday. The company was recently bought out by ... » more

7.  Libération - France | 04/01/2012

Democratic deficits go unpunished

The EU must support the opposition protests in Hungary, writes the left-liberal daily Libération: "In Budapest heroic dissidents are once more out protesting and sounding ... » more

8.  Libération - France | 22/11/2011

Only democracy can save Egypt

In view of the bloody protests on Cairo's Tahrir Square, the left-liberal daily Libération calls for a democratically elected government for Egypt: "History has still ... » more

9.  Libération - France | 24/10/2011

France loses influence to Germany

Germany and France showed a united front at the euro summit on the weekend. But appearances are deceptive, writes the left-liberal daily Libération: "There is ... » more

10.  Libération - France | 01/09/2011

Fresh chance for France

The victory of the Libyan rebels has opened up new opportunities for France's diplomatic relations with its Arab neighbours to the south, the left-liberal daily ... » more


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