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Ghimis, Andreia

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Contributors - Romania | 31/08/2015

Romania needs immigrants

By the end of June only 700 people had applied for asylum in Romania this year. That is too little, writes migration researcher Andreia Ghimis on the blog portal Contributors: "According to the National Statistics Agency the country's population is ageing rapidly. This, coupled with the fact that Romania remains a country of emigration, could have very negative consequences for the Romanian pension and social welfare system. So we need foreign workers (which are hard to find because of the low wages). Asylum seekers are people who want to live normal lives after the traumas they have experienced; they want jobs and school places for their children. The 6,000 euros per refugee offered by the EU should be invested in helping them learn the Romanian language and integrating them on the job market. Everyone stands to gain from this policy. We can see this in Germany: its economic success and its more open immigration policy are no mere coincidence."

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