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Georgieva, Aglika

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 27/01/2013

Nuclear plant not an issue for Bulgarians

A referendum on a new nuclear power plant in Bulgaria failed on Sunday owing to the low voter turnout of just 21 percent. The referendum fell so far short of the prescribed minimum turnout of 60 percent because the Bulgarians are preoccupied with more urgent concerns than the future of nuclear energy right now, the daily newspaper Novinar points out: "When the Bulgarians prefer to stay at home on the couch rather than taking part in a referendum it's because either they didn't understand the question to be decided or it's not on their agenda. ... 'Should nuclear energy be further developed in Bulgaria with the construction of a new nuclear plant?' This question has been left hanging in the air for now like a nasty but distant threat. ... In a nutshell: Bulgaria's next referendum should be on an issue that affects us here and now. Then there will be no lack of queues at the polling stations."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 26/11/2012

Bulgaria should stay away from ESC

Poland and Portugal have cancelled their participation in the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest for financial reasons. Bulgaria should do the same, the daily Novinar writes, but not only for lack of funds: "It is time for Bulgaria to draw the line, as painful as it may be: we've participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2005 and only once have we made it to the finals, when Elitsa and Stundschi took fifth place. We love to remember this mini-victory when the time comes, as a motivation to try yet again. Meanwhile Bulgaria's participation is more like menstruation: it hurts, triggers contradictory emotions and in the end all you think is: thank God it's over. Until the next time. We would hardly be missed in Malmö, although the state television is once again determined to take part. And Bulgarian viewers couldn't care less one way or the other either."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 22/08/2012

Bulgarian drag queen holds up mirror to Putin

The hacker community Anonymous on Tuesday manipulated the website of the Russian court which sentenced the punk band Pussy Riot. For some time the site showed a music video featuring Azis, a whimsical pop-folk singer and drag queen from Bulgaria. The daily Novinar tries to make sense of things: "Anonymous used Azis as the antithesis of the masculine to show that Russia's president is behaving in an underhanded, unmanly way. ... If Anonymous had wanted to voice its protest with a song of revolt it would have chosen the Sex Pistols. After all, they're punks like Pussy Riot and, like the Russian band, were arrested because they protested against the monarchy and in favour of the working class. ... When the flamboyant Bulgarian performer lavishly enjoyed ice cream, strawberries and hot machos on a Russian TV show some time ago, the people in the audience killed themselves laughing. If you, Comrade Putin, don't care what the people think of you, then just take a moment to savour the hackers' message."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 30/08/2010

Minister discovers healing power of relics

Bozhidar Dimitrov, a Bulgarian minister without portfolio notorious for his scandalous statements, said in front of journalists on Monday that the remains of John the Baptist had healing powers. According to the minister, a deaf and dumb Russian tourist regained her powers of speech on seeing the relics. Aglika Georgieva of the daily Novinar pokes fun at the minister: "God forgive me, but I am sure that the all-powerful is revealing his sense of humour by sending us this 'bone-hard temptation'. Just give them a scrap of bone and a bit of tooth, pack them in a reliquary casket and have a ball. I believe I can hear heavenly laughter. In future Bozhidar Dimitrov will have to keep his eyes peeled for even more miracles which support his thesis that the findings on St. Ivan Island in the Black Sea really do come from John the Baptist, particularly as their authenticity is being attacked from all sides."

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