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Geninazzi, Luigi

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Avvenire - Italy | 22/07/2014

Persecution of Christians: Isil shows its true face

All Christians in Mosul in northern Iraq have fled the city in recent days after the extremist group Islamic State (IS),  previously known as Isil, had given them an ultimatum for Saturday afternoon: convert to Islam, leave the city or face death. The Catholic daily Avvenire urges the international community to call those behind the rise of the militia to account: ""People are acting as if the fanatics of Isil came from another planet and had not been backed, armed and financed by the powerful states of the Arabian Peninsula. With these states they share an ideology - Wahhabism, which also produced al-Qaeda. With Isil, Islamic terrorism is becoming a mass phenomenon. ... Yet the intellectuals of the Muslim world are acting as if they can't see any danger. Meanwhile the West is cautiously avoiding calling to account a country like Saudi Arabia, which is an ally of the West and of strategic importance as an oil supplier."

Avvenire - Italy | 03/04/2012

Egyptian Muslim Brothers' double-dealing

Contrary to previous announcements Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood nominated its own candidate for the presidential election slated for the end of May, which has provoked protest from the constituent assembly, with all 24 representatives of the secular parties and the Copts declaring a boycott against the assembly. The Catholic daily Avvenire fears that the Muslim Brothers will continue their double-dealing: "Despite the protests the Islamist bloc intends to have Egypt enshrined as an Islamic state based on sharia law in the constitution. ... Egypt is embarking on a dangerous path with this step. ... The Muslim Brothers are masters of hypocrisy: on the one hand they cast themselves as defenders of tolerance and democracy, on the other they cling steadfastly to the principles of political Islam, of fundamentalism. Their presidential candidate Khairat al-Shater is a world champion in double-dealing: conservative and pragmatic, a centralising force within the movement while conducting dialogue with the outside world, a theoretician of Islamic economy and a great friend of Wall Street."

Avvenire - Italy | 29/03/2012

Pope supports dissidents

During his meeting with Fidel Castro Pope Benedict XVI stuck firmly by his demand for freedom, the Catholic daily Avvenire points out approvingly: "The Pope insists on the need for religious freedom which follows from the recognition of the role of religion in public life. Religious freedom is not merely a favour, but a right. If the communist regime in Havana was expecting a historic compromise, it will be sorely disappointed. With a healthy dose of realism Benedict XVI has pointed in a different direction, that of 'justice, peace, freedom and reconciliation.' So the regime of the Castro brothers did not receive his blessing - a regime based on an ideology that the Pope explicitly rejects. But regardless of the ideology what counts is the practice. And here, too, the Pope issued no dispensation. The numerous references to prisoners and their families, to persons 'robbed of their freedom', are indirect expressions of support for the dissidents."

Avvenire - Italy | 24/02/2011

EU needs proper foreign policy

The US and Europe condemn the violence in Libya but they are still reluctant to impose sanctions. The international community cannot remain inactive, the Catholic daily Avvenire warns: "In Libya there is the danger that the people will be left to their own resources and become easy prey for jihadist groups. The country could turn into another Somalia. Or worse still, an Afghanistan in the Mediterranean region. ... A nightmare that threatens to provoke a massive flood of refugees. ... To put an end to the bloody tyrant's killing spree the West - and not just the West - must be prepared for anything, also for the humanitarian deployment of UN peacekeeping troops. But above all Europe must react. The Libyan crisis is an opportunity to finally lend substance to the charade we like to call European foreign policy and to give its representative, the unspeakable Baroness Ashton, a job that is worthy of the name."

Avvenire - Italy | 01/09/2010

Obama risks his political future

The end of the US's mission could lead to civil war in Iraq and put Barack Obama's presidency at risk, fears the Catholic daily Avvenire: "The withdrawal of US combat troops from Baghdad is supposed to buff up the image of the US presidency ... .But it could backfire disastrously. ... The knot in Iraq has not been unravelled. On the contrary, it threatens to pull tighter. ... Terrorist attacks resulting in dozens of casualties are on the increase again and doubts about the ability of the new local security forces to ensure order are growing. ... The fear of a new, devastating civil war ... is spreading. Everything is at stake for Obama in the coming weeks - his political future and that of the Middle East. The withdrawal of troops from Iraq has been given the suggestive name 'New Dawn'. The struggling leadership of the United States of America needs its own new dawn."

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