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Gális, Tomáš

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Sme - Slovakia | 01/08/2014

Tomáš Gális on Israel criticism and anti-Semitism

Four years of civil war in Syria have claimed 170,000 lives and in a strip of land that stretches from Libya to Iraq massacres are being carried out on a daily basis yet the world seems only interested in the dead Palestinians, commentator Tomáš Gális reflects in the liberal daily Sme in view of the mounting international criticism of Israel: "Why is this? Is it because of the large number of journalists in the area? Or because higher standards apply for Israel? Are people only interested in dead Muslims when they are victims of Israel? Naturally the protests in the media and on the streets must be taken seriously. We need an answer to the question of when a military offensive serves the purpose of defence and when it becomes just senseless killing. ... But we also need an answer to the question of where the criticism of Israel's policy ends and straightforward anti-Semitism begins. When calls like 'Gas the Jews!' can be heard in big cities and petrol bombs are thrown at synagogues, sympathy with the Palestinians can only be an excuse. A growing number of Jews know this and are leaving Europe for Israel. What does it say about Europe when they prefer to go and live in a state whose right to exist is constantly being contested?"

Sme - Slovakia | 13/05/2013

Obama in a tight spot

After the double attack on the Turkish-Syrian border the tense relations between the two countries have reached a new low. The liberal daily Sme sees above all US President Barack Obama in a tight spot: "If it turns out that the explosions are related to the Syrian civil war then this will be the second time that citizens of a Nato member country have died as a result. After five Turks died [in a grenade attack on Akçakale] last year, Turkey forced the setting up of the Patriot system. Now the number of victims is seven times higher. ... Obama is being pushed into an unenviable position. He is reminded each day of his statement about crossing the red line. ... Regardless of whether the accusations against him come from right or left-wing commentators, it seems as if after two years the US still doesn't know what to think about Syria."

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