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Friedl, Walter

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1.  Kurier - Austria | 30/03/2015

Tehran is the real target

The timing of the intervention in Yemen is no coincidence, the tabloid Kurier believes: "The intervention is dangerous because Tehran supports its Houthi fellow believers ... » more

2.  Kurier - Austria | 17/01/2013

Put an end to the spectre of terrorism

The states of Europe must join forces in a military offensive against Islamist terror, the liberal daily Kurier demands: "Ministers in Berlin once vociferously defended ... » more

3.  Kurier - Austria | 26/11/2012

The US will even back autocratic Mursi

Protests against Mohammed Mursi spread in Egypt over the weekend. On Wednesday the president passed several decrees making his decisions legally unassailable. The opposition will ... » more

4.  Kurier - Austria | 13/09/2012

Denounce Mohammed film but don't kill

A US-made amateur film about the prophet Mohammed sparked violent protests in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia on Tuesday and Wednesday. The UN ambassador to Libya ... » more

5.  Kurier - Austria | 24/11/2010

Badly timed Brussels pay rise

After lengthy litigation the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has ruled that the roughly 44,000 EU officials will receive a pay rise of 3.7 ... » more

6.  Kurier - Austria | 24/11/2009

Climate policy is mass murder

Two weeks before the World Climate Summit begins in Copenhagen the daily Kurier sees little chance of it being truly successful: "There are short and medium-term ... » more


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