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Frey, Eric

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Der Standard - Austria | 15/01/2016

Disastrous crisis management at VW

The attempts of Volkswagen boss Matthias Müller to repair the company's tarnished image with a trip to the US have completely backfired, the centre-left daily Der Standard comments: "On several occasions the authorities and customers have been presented with half-baked new proposals that were all rejected. Clearly no one has coached Müller on how to come across as likeable and in control in public while negotiating effectively in the background. When the scandal first broke VW could still have hoped for an expensive but relatively mild solution to the crisis. But under its current management the future of what was once Germany's flagship company is gloomier than ever."

Der Standard - Austria | 18/11/2015

Tsiparas gets second chance for reforms

Now that Greece's international creditors have concluded that Athens has shown sufficient willingness to introduce reforms the first instalment of the bailout agreed in the summer will be paid out to the Greek government. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been given a second chance to rebuild his country, writes the centre-left daily Der Standard: "Tsipras has also been lucky regarding the state of the Greek economy: the weeks during which the country's banks were closed did far less damage than had been feared. The expected collapse doesn't appear to be materialising. If the prime minister now manages to push through real structural reforms against all the opposition the chances of the creditors waiving debt will increase. After the fiasco of his first term of office Tsipras has now been given a second chance. He must make the most of it."

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