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Frenzel, Korbinian

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Deutschlandradio Kultur - Germany | 26/09/2015

VW emissions scam affects us all

Around 2.8 million vehicles in Germany are affected by the Volkswagen emissions scam, the German transport ministry has said. The scandal doesn't only affect the carmaker, writes public broadcaster Deutschlandradio Kultur: "It is everyone's business because it shines a light on the self-betrayal of a car-loving nation: the belief that we can still use cars and at the same time protect the environment and health to an extent that is desirable. … The VW scandal should therefore also prompt politicians to stop relying on the miracles of technology. Instead there must be a turnaround in traffic policy that firstly aims to avoid traffic, and secondly to transfer transport to buses, trains and bicycles - and also puts an emphasis on clean engines."

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